The Kind Of Doctor Dr. Benvenuti Is



Breast augmentation, reconstructive surgery and plastic surgery are what many women want. It is not a strange thing because many women would want to be beautiful and attractive. Well, before they consider such things, they should get a reliable surgeon first. It has to be someone who has extensive experience, knowledge and skills when it comes to cosmetic surgery. And such doctor would be Dr. Benvenuti.


Just who is this doctor? He is an expert plastic surgeon. He is an experience doctor with over 20 years of experience under his belt. He is a doctor that is dedicated, understanding and compassionate. He is someone who is willing to help patients have the beauty and appearances that they wanted.


Coming from a family of doctors, Dr. Benvenuti knows and understands the importance of providing good care and proper service to patients. Dr. Benvenuti is also a doctor with extensive academic background. He obtained his degree at Georgetown University. He had his first medical residency at USC and surgical residency at UCLA. He also had his plastic and reconstructive surgery residency at UCI.


He truly is a caring doctor. He provides proper care to his patients. Because of this, he was able to obtain recognition as a doctor. He is also a volunteer doctor, doing volunteer medical and surgery services to impoverished patients in far-flung areas in other countries. Not only that, Dr. Benvenuti is an instructor to future medical doctors and cosmetic surgeons.


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